Corporate reputation management is relatively new to the marketing industry. In the past, negative content was handed off to a public relations team in an effort to restore a business’s reputation through positive content promotion. Firms have deployed numerous strategies, including distributing press releases, managing social media accounts and providing interviews.

While these approaches may work well with traditional media, they lack an understanding of search engine optimization which is a critical component of building a long-term positive online reputation.

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Why Corporate Reputation Management Matters

Consumers don’t interact with brands in the same way they used to. Before social media sites and search engines, people heavily relied on word of mouth to determine which local businesses to trust. Now they rely on Google results and review sites to learn about a company’s reputation.

Every day, billions of potential customers turn to search engine results to research brands before making a purchase. Even B2B partnerships can be affected by bad reviews and negative feedback on social networks. Whether you’re a high-profile individual like the CEO of a global corporation or a small business owner, your online presence should reflect your brand. Learn more about online reputation management for individuals.

Why You Need Corporate Reputation Management

There are endless scenarios that can damage a company’s reputation. Poor customer service may result in negative reviews on Ripoff Report or similar websites. Mismanaged social media profiles might spark a follower revolt. Even a professional marketing campaign could miss its target audience and ignite a surge of negative articles requiring a crisis management strategy.

Online Reviews

User-generated reviews can dominate branded search rankings, and the majority of consumers actively seek this information when deciding to buy from your brand. Surveys suggest that new customers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations. Unfortunately, studies have also shown that negative reviews tend to carry much more weight with consumers than positive reviews.

  • 90% of consumers read online reviews.
  • 88% of consumers won’t buy from companies with negative reviews.
  • 72% of consumers will only take action or make a purchase after reading a positive review.
  • According to Google, businesses with 3-star ratings and higher get 87% of user clicks.
  • 80% of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.
  • Customers are three times more likely to talk about a negative experience with a brand than a positive one.

Negative Search Results

As soon as negative content starts ranking on the first page of Google for your company name, you must take action to prevent it from gaining traction. Even if accusations against your company are eventually dropped, the damaging article could remain in your search profile indefinitely.

If a malicious headline begins to dominate your search results, it can lead to huge revenue losses and generate brand distrust. Research suggests that one negative search result on the first page of Google can cost your business 22% of potential customers. This figure jumps to 60% if there are more than two negative articles.

Social Media

Unfortunately, many brands have gone viral for the wrong reasons, thanks to one tweet or Instagram post that caught the eye of a bigger influencer or news station. Deleting an offending post won’t fix the problem because followers can take screenshots of the blunder before it’s removed. In many cases, deleting comments or blocking followers may be more detrimental to your company’s reputation than leaving them in your feed.

Competitor Attacks

Sometimes a little friendly competition goes  too far, and a brand’s competitors may actively work to harm their online reputation. There are many instances where a business rival may use unfair tactics to manipulate search results or damage your brand. Common attacks include generating fake negative reviews, sparking negative conversations in community forums, writing overly-critical blog posts, or posting fake complaints on social platforms.

Rather than reacting impulsively, it’s important to know how to properly combat such smear tactics. Our team will develop strategies to protect your brand’s reputation from these threats.

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