About reputationmanagement.com

Who we are

ReputationManagement.com is owned and operated by Terakeet, the preferred owned asset optimization (OAO) partner for Fortune 500 brands seeking online business growth. 

Terakeet helps brands optimize and unify their owned assets to strengthen brand foundations, maintain narrative control, and meet consumers as they search for solutions.

We never outsource projects or use white-label ORM software. Our people, processes, and technology are all trained, perfected, and developed in-house to meet your specific needs.

We leverage our proprietary technology, owned asset-first approach, and proven ORM strategies to strengthen and defend your branded search results

Executives and organizations with a combined net worth in the hundreds of billions of dollars trust Terakeet to protect their reputations.

Why Owned Asset Optimization (OAO)?

It takes much more than public relations to reshape a negative online narrative and establish positive brand equity.

For reputation management to be successful at the enterprise level, brands need to invest in the assets they own. We call this approach owned asset optimization (OAO), and it improves brand strength and insulates companies from outside risks through consistent messaging and increased control.

Through OAO, Terakeet has helped define and advance ORM strategies because we understand how a brand’s owned assets can impact risk management better than any other company.

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