Reputation Management for Individuals

Reputation Management to Secure Your Long-term Legacy

Why Your Reputation Matters

You’ve spent a lifetime working your way to the top. But your search results don’t reflect the facts about your life, your work, and the legacy you’ve earned.

Maybe your greatest accomplishments are crowded out by negative, inaccurate articles. Or perhaps you’re underrepresented, leaving you vulnerable to future problems.

By the Numbers:

  • 45% of people attribute the company’s reputation to that of the CEO
  • 58% of investors would only buy company stock if the CEO had a positive reputation
  • 44% of executives believe the public’s opinion of business leaders affects market value
  • 42% of people said an executive’s online reputation influenced a business deal

The Only ORM Solution For Highly Successful People

We don’t believe in cutting corners at the expense of quality outcomes. We’ve conquered reputation challenges faced by the world’s most visible people, and we can do the same for you.

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