Bad stuff happens to good people all the time. Many of our clients have spent years building trusted businesses and forging client relationships. Then, their online reputations are ruined because of negative content in their search results. When that happens, business owners just like you come to us for our world-class online reputation repair services.

A broken online reputation isn’t always your fault

A simple social media mistake can cause an avalanche of negative comments from angry followers. Maybe a competitor seeded false negative articles to news outlets about your company. Or perhaps one angry customer wrote a pile of negative reviews. Whatever the reason, you must take action quickly to fix your reputation. Don’t let negative content pollute the first page of your search results.

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Online reputation repair services

Reputation management companies such as ours use a variety of strategies that combine SEO, public relations and crisis management to bury negative content in your search results.

While anyone can use these techniques, they often require resources far beyond what an individual (or even many firms) can deliver on their own.

Our strategies are built and executed in-house and at enterprise scale to maximize results and minimize time to delivery time.

How to repair your online reputation

Follow these online reputation repair steps to fix your search results:How to repair your reputation

  1. Identify the root cause of the reputation problem

    Sometimes a negative search result is the tip of the iceberg. Try to find and address the underlying issue.

  2. Repair negative content at the source

    Articles are often syndicated, so you’ll need to find and correct the issue on the original content.

  3. Remove negative search results from Google

    If you successfully correct the issue or remove the content, then you can submit a content removal request to Google.

  4. Strengthen your online presence with positive content

    Publish plenty of positive content about yourself to build a firewall around your online reputation.

  5. Push down negative content that you can’t remove

    Claim and optimize your social profiles, develop a blog and launch a personal website to force negative results off of page one.

  6. Earn positive reviews

    Earn and amplify customer reviews to offset complaints and push them down in your search results.

Methods to fix your internet reputation

In order to restore your reputation you must identify the root cause of your problem. Search Google, Bing, Yahoo and social networks to find any negative mentions of your company. One negative article or a few bad reviews may just be the tip of the iceberg.

First, let’s jump into online review management. Before you get started, read this article to learn how to Google yourself properly. Use those techniques to spot all the online reviews that mention your business—good and bad. Next, check out these posts about how to deal with bad reviews:

Finally, earn positive reviews to offset any bad ones you can’t delete.

While it’s difficult to remove negative search results from the first page of Google, it is possible with the right tools and skillset. We combine search engine reputation management tactics with positive content publication to get results. If you’re not familiar with search engine optimization, enlist the help of a professional firm.

However, if you’re an SEO pro, the following list of the best online reputation repair tools will give you a leg up. Use them to find and remove negative content and monitor for brand mentions. Dive in and you’ll be well on your way to fixing your online reputation.

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The best online reputation repair tools

  • Google Yourself– Check Google search results for your name, your brand, and other associated terms. You can’t fix your reputation until you know what all the issues are.
  • Google Alerts– This tool takes brand monitoring a step further. You’ll get notifications each time the search engine discovers a keyword that you’re tracking.
  • SocialMention– Discover what’s being said about you on blogs, videos, images, and more.
  • Spokeo– What does the Internet know about you? Spokeo may list your email, phone, usernames, and even your address. It’s important to correct any inaccurate information. Conversely, you may want to hide this sensitive information from the public eye.
  • BackTweets– Find out about links to your website from Twitter using this tool so you can see who is talking about your brand and join the conversation.
  • Google Removal – Google recommends that you contact website owners directly to remove unwanted content. ButGoogle will remove search results in special situations. For example, Google will remove bank account numbers, signature, and offensive images.
  • Google Spam Report– File a spam report in Google Search Console if you think a shady website is wrecking your reputation.
  • Website Grader– How well are you handling your online outreach and marketing? Use HubSpot’s Marketing Grader to see your performance and how you can improve.
  • Digital Millennium Copyright Act– Don’t let others use your copyrighted material inappropriately. Send a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DCMA) notice to have images removed. Protected content includes photos, text, and other intellectual property.
  • WordPress– Blogs aren’t just for influencers and brands, they’re also an amazing reputation repair tool. Use WordPress to easily improve your online presence and bury negative results.
  • Domain registrars – Register your domain on GoDaddy, Namecheap or a similar site. This will help you build your authority online and push down negative results.
  • Help a Reporter Out– Expert mentions are a great way to repair your online reputation, especially when they’re earned. Why? Because these citations help build trust. Use HARO to connect directly with journalists and get free publicity as an expert source.
  • Quora– You’ll establish yourself as an expert when you answer industry questions. But you can also network with other experts and build a professional profile.
  • Hootsuite– You’ll need to network on social media to build your reputation. Hootsuite helps you build your audience, promote your brand, and even connect with customers.

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