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Rich Ezzo

Global Business Development

Rich has nearly 30 years in the SEO and reputation management space. Previous to his role at Terakeet and ReputationManagement.com, Rich headed sales for the SEO arm of Group M at WPP, the world’s largest advertising and PR agency. It was there that he worked with such global brands as Apple, Proctor and Gamble, Novartis, and Pfizer, assisting in developing long term SEO strategies and SEO crisis/reputation plans.

Previous to Group M, Ezzo spent nearly 10 years at one of the nation’s largest law firms, heading up business development with a specific focus on technology. In this capacity he was building inroads with crisis management, reputation management, and technology firms to build strategic partnerships within the law firm. In this capacity Rich had the opportunity to work with Global CEOs and Brands with whom he developed lifelong relationships. These are relationships that continue today with reputationmanagement.com.

Rich was based in Boston, Massachusetts, but had a personal motivation to move back to the area in which he grew up, where his mother and siblings still resided. As Rich followed the growth of Terakeet through his local newspaper and then started seeing more national stories about the firm, it peaked his interest and he reached out to senior management. It became clear that Rich had an incredible amount of experience and depth of knowledge to bring to the Terakeet and Reputationmanagement.com team and he joined nearly 5 years ago.

Rich has built channel partnerships with and built customer relationships with nearly 100 brands since his start at the company and has been a leader in the company’s transition to Fortune 1000 accounts over the last two years. Rich proudly resides in Syracuse, NY in the section of town he was raised in. He takes great pride in his work on behalf of customers and believes that one of the core traits of people from the area in which he grew up is to build lasting relationships.

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