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Patrick Danial

Chief Architect

Patrick Danial is a co-founder of ReputationManagement.com and serves as Chief Architect. Patrick has been a pioneer of digital and search marketing technology dating back to the age of 16, when he built one of the first and largest web hosting companies in New York State. Patrick has spent the better part of the last 20 years building platform based software solutions focused primarily in the search marketing space. His most notable platform, Chorus, manages the discovery, outreach, and performance analytics functions for over 100 global brands, which combine for over $10B in annual online transactions.

Danial is the lead technology visionary behind ReputationManagement.com's centralized engine which benchmarks and tracks search positioning performance progress on behalf of all clients. What makes ReputationManagement.com unique compared to other firms in the space is the strong engineering force behind delivery of service. It is Patrick’s core belief that strong search pattern identification technologies and predictive analytics are key to delivering customer results. While many competitors focus on black box solutions leaving clients confused and at risk, it is Danial’s belief in transparency that has led much of his team’s development in the space. As Chief Architect, Patrick has been the guiding force in establishing ReputationManagement.com not only as a leader in the reputation space, but as the #1 technology platform for high-end reputation management services.

Patrick has integrated ReputationManagement.com’s unique technological approach with many of the teams within the world’s most admired companies. In this capacity, Patrick is responsible for ensuring that there is a seamless integration between how customers parse and interpret data and how ReputationManagment.com delivers that data. Automated and software driven innovations in the reputation management space are a passion of Patrick’s and there are few more experienced or qualified in the field nation-wide. Patrick resides in Skaneateles, NY with his wife Jessica and their two children.

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