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Photo of Patrick Danial

Patrick Danial

Chief Architect

Patrick Danial’s career as a technology innovator and entrepreneur began with the development of one of New York’s first web hosting companies at the age of 16. Alongside Mac Cummings, his close high-school friend, Patrick co-founded Mindshark Software and Consulting in 1999, which led to the creation of Terakeet two years later.

At Mindshark, Patrick was the lead developer of what became one of the largest internet service providers in the state of New York. He also created an internal messaging platform for a leading national VoIP company and was responsible for developing one of the first notable online commercial real estate platforms.

Terakeet’s first major product, which Patrick architected, was a commercial speech-recognition platform for enterprise call centers, informing the company’s unique name. “Terakeet” is a combination of the words “terabyte” and “parakeet,” chosen because flocks of these birds can sound like the constant background activity in large call centers.

Patrick has directed every significant technological development at Terakeet since its creation, and his data-driven approach informs an analytical and transparent culture throughout the company.

Patrick’s track record of large-scale commercial software platform development has made him a sought-after consultant to universities, for-profit organizations, and political operations. He also provides technical consulting on complex litigation.

Patrick is a native of Central New York. He resides in Skaneateles with his wife and two children. He supports local philanthropies and has invested in multiple local businesses.

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