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Comparing Reputation Management Companies in 2018

In their most recent Retail E-commerce Sales Report, the U.S. Department of Commerce reported that e-commerce accounted for 8.1% of total retail sales. As e-commerce continues to grow, so does the need for individuals and businesses to take control of their presence online. The importance of maintaining your digital reputation and building positive relationships with customers has led many marketing firms to include Online Reputation Management (ORM) services as part of their offering. For individuals and companies not already utilizing an ORM firm, it can be challenging to find the right ORM firm.

Why You Must Read the Facebook Terms of Service

“Terms of Service” have become the new fine print — online users, for the most part, see them as nothing more than a check box standing between them and whatever site or app they want to enjoy. However, in a society where sharing has become a reflexive way to spend most of life’s moments, the […]

Facebook and Google Face Down Fake News Publishers

In the wake of the recent presidential election results, the issue of rampant fake news on the Internet has been a trending news topic. Fake news isn’t a new issue, but, the controversy with this year’s election combined with more people getting their news from social media than in previous years, has allowed the creators of fake news to capitalize.

Online Reputation Management Tips for the President-elect

President-elect Donald Trump has dominated news headlines over the last year, and not for his laudable reputation. Many are concerned his attention-grabbing rhetoric won’t diminish once he takes office. Accustomed to his role in the Trump Organization, Trump’s new position will be a major adjustment as his new job will be to serve the American people, not himself or his business. Moreover, his controversial, outspoken reputation leveraged for publicity will now have a major influence. If Trump wants to build and maintain stellar Presidential Approval Ratings, he will need to improve his reputation.  

How Google’s Featured Snippets Affect Your Online Reputation

If you Google the phrase, “who is king of the United States,” Google will provide the following answer: In this quasi-self-referential response, Google returns an article from Search Engine Land discussing how Google is attempting to answer the query’s question. The dynamic result displayed above is an example of Google’s rich snippet feature, where the search […]

A Single Image Could Define Your Reputation Online

Today’s internet-focused world is obsessed with sharing– their location, what they are eating for dinner, and images. The prevalence of social media has caused the amount of images shared daily to skyrocket. On Facebook alone, there are over 350 million photos uploaded per day. But social media users beware, once a picture is published, it’s likely online for good.

Busting Online Reputation Myths

The benefits we’ve reaped from the web’s digital rolodex are obvious, particularly in the arena of accessible fact-checking and record-keeping. However, it comes with an ugly caveat: as the Internet’s influence in society grows, the business of digital extortion and defamation has grown into a profitable tool to embarrass, blackmail, and otherwise harass both public and private individuals on a global scale.

Safeguarding Your Reputation: How Posts of the Past Can Haunt Your Future

While the benefits are great, there are significant risks involved with being a social media user. A simple tweet can seriously damage a once perfect reputation. This concept is nothing new, as these stories quickly become cautionary tales of what not to do on social media for both brands and individuals. The information that exists […]