Customer service is a largely thankless job. Most of the time, the people in that department or position have to deal with cranky, dissatisfied customers whose sneers can be heard over the phone or who very clearly want to punch the next available face. That’s precisely why the people who serve as your customer service representatives deserve recognition and kudos when they go above and beyond to help your customers.

A reddit user recently gave praise to an American Airlines rep who helped “hundreds of people for 4 hours without moving to eat, drink, go to the restroom, etc.” after his flight got canceled and the 2nd plane experienced mechanical issues. He snapped a photo of the chipper employee and posted it on the site:

Another user in the comment thread urged the submitter to call American Airlines and tell them how helpful their employee was. The submitter reached out to American Airlines via Twitter and received this response:

As an employer, giving public kudos to your employees shows your followers and fans that you’ve got compassion and appreciation for your workers. It humanizes you in a positive way and makes you seem a little more approachable, accountable, and transparent. Existing customers will feel validated that they’re supporting a great company, prospective customers will more heavily consider giving you their business, and other folks may want to look into employment opportunities with you when they see how well you take care of your employees. It’s a win across the board!

Every once in a while, I urge you to highlight via Twitter, Facebook, your blog, your newsletter, or other public means any of your employees or departments that are doing an exceptional job, whether they’re in customer service or marketing or R&D. It’s a simple but effective brand management tactic that can keep you in a positive light.