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Why You Must Read the Facebook Terms of Service

“Terms of Service” have become the new fine print — online users, for the most part, see them as nothing more than a check box standing between them and whatever site or app they want to enjoy. However, in a society where sharing has become a reflexive way to spend most of life’s moments, the […]

Facebook and Google Face Down Fake News Publishers

In the wake of the recent presidential election results, the issue of rampant fake news on the Internet has been a trending news topic. Fake news isn’t a new issue, but, the controversy with this year’s election combined with more people getting their news from social media than in previous years, has allowed the creators of fake news to capitalize.

What You Say Online Could Cost You Your Job

After this month’s presidential election, a woman from Turlock, California, named Denise Helms posted her displeasure with President Barack Obama’s reelection on Facebook. Her comment, which consisted of “Another 4 years of this n***er. Maybe he will get assassinated this term,” resulted in a visit from the Secret Service, who don’t take threats to the […]