reputation management in the news (photo by

reputation management in the news (photo by

Want to know the latest in reputation management? Find out what CEO Bill Fish has been weighing in on lately! In this edition of in the news, Bill covered quite a bit: small business brand building, job search tips, hiring interns, productivity tips, resume writing, and skills for millennials.

Sending the Right Message as a Small Business

Whether you realize it or not, your small brand has a business. The National Federation of Independent Businesses offers three branding lessons you can learn from celebrities, including this lesson from Bill:

Bill Fish, founder and president of, a resource for online reputation management (or branding) says the lessons for business are out there, and they’re powerful.

He contrasts Spieth’s emerging brand with the much-better-known brand of Tiger Woods.

“Golf has been dominated by Tiger Woods over the last 15-plus years, a person who comes off as somewhat of an evil robot,” he says. “Tiger looks as if he has blinders on and there is no one else out on the golf course. He has a salty relationship with the media, and is known for having a killer instinct.

By contrast, he says, Jordan Spieth exudes class at his young age.

“He always takes the time for fans and reporters, wears his heart on his sleeve, and shows reverence to the greats of the game,” Fish says. “His marketing potential is off the charts. If your brand could be associated with class, honesty and humility, while being very good at what you do, I think just about every company would sign up for that.”

Avoiding Job Search Mistakes

There’s no shortage of available tips for job searchers, but it’s also important to focus on what not to do. Recruiters shared their big mistakes to avoid, and Bill pointed out that it’s a very bad idea to neglect your online presence:

“People completely neglect to realize that there is far more information about you right at the fingertips of the person who will be making the decision as to whether or not you are a good candidate,” says Bill Fish, president of

Luckily, it’s easy to check up on how your online and IRL selves match up. “Simply Google yourself and see what is out there,” Fish says. “If there are any negative items, there are things you can do to protect yourself. The first move would be to remove any red-flag photos, reference to illegal activities, inconsistencies between what is on your resume and what is online. When that is completed, it is paramount to check your privacy settings on each platform.”

Tips for Hiring Interns

Interns are a valuable resource, but only if you can use them to their full advantage. It’s also important to give them the best educational experience possible. On, you can find several tips for making the most of the intern experience, including Bill’s insight:

I like to think about the phrase ‘pay it forward’ when it comes to interns. You are trying to help these soon-to-be college graduates get ready for the business world. [Internships] are a great way for students to figure out what vertical they want to get involved in and try different things before they step out into the real world. I feel that, if we can help the next generation get their foot in the door, we are helping society — and that is always a good thing.

Essential Productivity Tips

Is there anyone who doesn’t need a productivity boost? Inc. asked productivity experts for their best tips to get more work done today. Bill encourages others to be careful about how they communicate:

My biggest tip for productivity is to stay off of instant messaging platforms as much as possible. While they have become essential in many offices, they are a tremendous distraction. I liken it to someone standing behind you tapping you on the shoulder every five minutes, but you don’t know when the next tap is going to be. You can be deep into an email that requires significant thought and a message pops up, you handle it and completely lose your thought and have to start over. I like to use the last 10 minutes of an hour to use instant message if something needs to be addressed. That way, you can stay focused without the distraction.

Making Google Part of Your Resume

The Money and Career Cheat Sheet asked, should you pay someone to write your resume? For Bill, the answer is not necessarily about what’s on your resume, but what’s online. He points out that a Google search can be just as valuable as a resume polish:

“Instead of paying for and spending time with a résumé writer, you should be spending time searching for yourself on Google, and going through your social media accounts to be sure there aren’t any red flags.”

Skills for Millennials

What skills specific to millennials are the most valuable and attractive to employers? FlexJobs answers this question with the help of Bill, who points out the importance of personality and conversational skills:

“A skill that can set millennials apart is their face-to-face conversational skills, as well as showing some personality,” says Bill Fish, president of “Millennials have grown up both in front of a computer and with a phone in their hand, and it could be said that the art of conversation has been lost. When coming into an interview, maintaining eye contact and engaging in a back and forth conversation without completely canned answers goes a long way.”

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