reputation management in the news (photo by

reputation management in the news (photo by

This week, CEO Bill Fish has offered expert advice on career and workplace issues. He considered whether career success has to mean drowning in debt, and discussed whether or not Facebook has a place in the enterprise.

Does a Great Career Mean More Debt?

Developing a great career should support a healthy financial outlook, but in today’s higher education climate, getting started often means diving deep into debt. But has expert advice for avoiding excessive educational debt while building a solid career. Among other career experts, Bill encourages students to be patient and consider the timing — and funding sources — of master’s degrees and higher.

Founder and President of, Bill Fish advises those who are interested in furthering their education to hold off for the right opportunity. “Unless you are going straight through for your MBA, I would suggest holding off until you are in a situation where your company may foot the bill for the majority of the tuition. Seeking additional education is never a bad thing, but if you can get that education paid for by your employer, it makes it all the better.”

Facebook’s Role in the Workplace

A favorite distraction of many, Facebook has a reputation for killing productivity at work, opening companies up to embarrasing situations, not to mention privacy and security concerns. On CIO, several experts explain the problems and benefits of allowing Facebook at work. Bill explained that outright bans just don’t work, and relates that sometimes, employees just need a break.

Outright bans don’t work, says Bill Fish, president of Employees feel as though they are being treated like children, he says. It’s become nearly impossible to restrict access, especially with an emerging trend of smaller companies skipping a Web domain altogether and using Facebook instead, and with a growing number of private groups on Facebook designed for professionals to exchange ideas and articles.

“The last thing you want to do as a manager is hinder your employees from doing their job. As long as some general rules are laid out in terms of using the platform, you should respect and trust your staff enough to handle themselves in a professional manner,” Fish says.

“Sitting at a desk all day isn’t an easy task,” says Fish. “Every so often your brain needs a break from looking through spreadsheets. If this means that for five minutes an hour, a member of your team is looking at photos of her friend’s cat on Facebook, it isn’t the end of the world. It gives them an outlet to recharge their brain and get back to the tasks at hand.”

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