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Jonas Sickler

SEO Manager

Jonas Sickler is an accomplished author, SEO thought leader, and digital marketer.

Jonas Sickler is the SEO manager for multiple Terakeet web properties where he leads a team of designers, content creators, technical developers, and outreach specialists. He is responsible for developing and overseeing multiple SEO strategies to grow organic search market share and generate qualified leads.

Jonas Sickler's marketing efforts have led to widespread media visibility, and he has appeared in Forbes, The Washington Post, CNBC, Jim Cramer’s TheStreet, U.S. News, CMI, and Chief Marketer.

Jonas is also an internationally published children’s book illustrator. His approach to publishing for young children helped launch the bestselling Indestructibles series of “baby-proof books.” Jonas illustrated six books in the series, which has now grown to a phenomenon with millions of copies sold worldwide.

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