Reputation Management is growing more and more each day as user generated content continues to dominate the Internet. Ensuring that your online reputation is protected is essential whether trying to get a job, or even go on a date.  The mission of Reputation Management is to educate both individuals as well as corporations as to the best methods to protect and enhance their reputation online.  Please view our featured guides as well as the articles as to the intricacies of reputation management, and how you can use them to your advantage. 



Bill Fish, President

Bill has been involved in Online Marketing since 2001, when he co-founded Positioned1 with Patrick Gavin, which eventually turned into Text-Link-Ads.com in 2003.  Bill was CFO of Text Link Ads until 2006 when the company was acquired by Lake Capital.  At that point, he took on the COO position and doubled the revenues of the business within two years of the acquisition, and was responsible for MediaWhiz Search being named the sixth largest search agency by AdAge in 2011.  Bill has worked directly with over 35,000 unique websites with Text Link Ads, and has a strong grasp of what it takes for success in web marketing. Bill also co-founded Quality Online Stores, which was a group of ten successful commerce sites from 2003 – 2006. Bill earned a degree in Finance from Xavier University where he also captained the baseball team.  He resides in Cincinnati with his wife and two boys.

Bill can be reached at bfish@reputationmanagement.com

Adam Canady, Lead Web Developer and SEO

Though he’s relatively new to the SEO and ORM space, Adam has created and managed dozens of websites throughout his career. Currently a Computer Science student at Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota, he works as an independent contractor for several companies and individuals around the US. Some of his more recent endeavors include helping sites recover from Panda and Penguin algorithm changes and devising content strategy and website logistics for clients. Adam loves drinking coffee, solving logic puzzles, and listening to rock music.

Adam can be reached at adam@reputationmanagement.com

Jessica Merritt, Editor

Jessica Merritt is a reputation management expert, small business owner, and customer service fanatic who believes building a great reputation is easier than you might think. She has written extensively about reputation management and is always eager to share new ideas and useful resources for businesses and individuals building a better reputation online. Jessica lives in the Houston area with her husband, son, and small army of pets.

Jessica can be reached at jessica@reputationmanagement.com