In the past, reputation management was mostly used by small businesses and corporations to remove negative search results. But this is 2018, and online reputation management for individuals is just as important.

More than one billion names are processed by search engines each day. Unfortunately, Google doesn’t care about your reputation; it cares about relevance. So the search engine displays everything in its index each time your name is searched.

One survey found that half of personal search engine results contain unwanted information. Damaging articles won’t just ruin an executive’s personal reputation, this content can also impact the company they represent. While anyone with an online presence can be harmed by negative information, high net worth individuals are most at risk. Contact our team to see how we can protect you.

Why Reputation Management for Individuals is Crucial

Before the internet, business leaders were rarely seen outside the board room. But with the rapid growth of social media sites and professional profiles like LinkedIn, what CEO’s and executives say online can significantly impact their company’s reputation.

  • 45% of people attribute a good corporate reputation to that of the CEO, with many expecting this figure to rise.
  • 44% of executives believe a brand’s market value and earnings are a direct result of the public’s opinion of the business leaders’s personal reputation.
  • 42% of prospective customers have said they checked the online profiles of CEOs and business leaders before deciding to act on a business deal.
  • 45% of those surveyed said negative content in the search results made them ultimately back out of a deal.
  • 58% of investors would only consider buying company stock if the CEO had a positive reputation.
  • 70% of investors would maintain confidence in the business during performance slumps if the CEO had a positive reputation.

Proactively building the best online reputation possible will give you a cushion against negative search results before they surface. Being prepared will also help make your crisis management and reputation repair strategies much more effective should a problem arise. Learn more about our industry-leading online reputation management services.

  • 77% of top business leaders believe having a strong reputation as a CEO attracts employees.
  • 70% of executives claim a positive CEO reputation helps retain the employee base.
  • 50% of the executives said they accepted a position themselves because of the CEO’s reputation.

How Your Online Reputation is Vulnerable

As a high net worth person, your individual online reputation could be easily overrun by negative information, a company scandal, or a false accusation that sweeps through the media. Contact our experts to learn more about our online reputation management services for individuals.

Negative Articles

An executive’s online reputation is closely tied to that of their company’s, so a sudden surge of negative articles about the individual may cause significant harm to the business as well. Brands may lose upwards of 60% of customers for having three negative results on the first page. Unflattering articles may also tarnish the company name and cause potential business partners and investors to walk away.

Negative Reviews

Most people associate negative reviews with Ripoff Report, Yelp or Google. However, online criticism of the brand’s leadership on job search sites like Glassdoor can be just as damaging. It’s important to remember anyone can write about you online, whether it’s an ex-employee, business partner or former client.

Since 90% of consumers turn to online reviews, it’s critical to seek out positive reviews from colleagues and customers to offset the bad ones. A handful of complaints could impact your online reputation and discourage top talent from joining the company. You may also be able to remove negative reviews if you can prove that they’re fake, or otherwise violate Google’s guidelines.

Social Media Accounts

CEO trust has fallen significantly due to high-profile scandals and corporate wrongdoing making regular headlines. While studies have found that individuals who actively post positive content on their social media profiles are more trusted, properly managing these accounts can be a difficult task. The public has become increasingly quick to call out poorly stated tweets and insensitive comments, so getting your messaging right the first time is critical.

While social media monitoring can become overwhelming for those with millions of followers, it’s important to identify

False Accusations

Accusations against an individual, especially when presented in a lawsuit, can quickly dominate the news. Even false claims and retracted statements could contaminate your search landscape for years.

While public relations firms may have the connections to distribute positive content through press releases, they rarely have the search engine optimization expertise required to ensure that it becomes a permanent part of your online profile. Our team will work with you to build immunity against these potential threats and help you restore your personal brand.

Why Choose Us

When choosing a reputation management company, it’s critical that you don’t cut corners. We know how to protect your online image from both predictable and unforeseen threats, and we can help you recover from past incidents that have infiltrated your search landscape. It’s critical that you don’t put off personal reputation management until it’s too late.

  • We have over a decade of experience managing every crisis imaginable for the largest corporations in the world.
  • We don’t lease reputation management software, we build it from the ground up. This gives us an unprecedented competitive advantage to identify and neutralize threats to your search landscape.
  • Our company was founded by experts in online reputation management, search engine optimization, software engineering and content development.
  • We customize our strategies for each client to respond in the most impactful way to their unique situation.

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