In the medical world, success depends on a healthy reputation.

Inoculate yourself and your practice from bad reviews, bad press, and other attacks on your reputation.

Our Approach Protects Your Reputation and the Success of Your Practice

As a doctor, your patients are entrusting you with their lives. So is it any wonder that, according to the Journal of American Medicine, 59% of patients consider a doctor’s online reputation to be important?

Developed over more than a decade of experience, our unique approach to reputation management helps you seize control of your online reputation, fighting back against current problems and building immunity to future threats.

We know how valuable your time is, and you can be as involved or hands-off as you want in our process. After a thorough audit and understanding of your needs, we craft a customized online strategy based on the following core elements of our doctor reputation management service.

  • Digital Footprint Expansion & Optimization

    Our team of reputation experts will develop, optimize and expand your online presence to ensure you control as much of the information people find about you as possible.

  • Strategic Response

    Our team works to naturally move disparaging content down the search results over time, pushing that bad review or unflattering article out of the public eye.

  • Individualized Implementation of Chorus, Our Proprietary Software

    We tailor our engagement software to your campaign strategy to help shape your online image.

  • Sustainable Immunity & Longevity

    We don’t just react, we proactively protect. A strong online presence will help you withstand unexpected events or crises.

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With our team of experts working on your behalf, you can focus on the health of your patients, and not the health of your reputation.

Common Reputation Issues Affecting Doctors

No matter the source, an issue with your online reputation can turn off potential patients and hurt your bottom line. And healthcare professionals face unique threats like malpractice lawsuits which require a specialized approach. Fortunately, our white-glove reputation management service knows how to build immunity and fight back against any digital threat, including issues commonly faced by doctors.

Physician and Practice Reviews

More than a third of patients choose their doctor based on a positive rating, while 37% decide not to use a particular doctor because of bad reviews. That means a single disgruntled patient posting to sites like HealthGrades and RateMDs can be a persistent thorn in your side. Bad reviews can mean lost business and lost revenue.

Negative or Unfair Press

Reporters get things wrong. Even after a correction or a retraction, a negative article can linger in Google search results for years, appearing whenever a prospective patient searches for you and costing you untold dollars of lost business if you aren’t prepared to defend your reputation.

Malpractice Lawsuits & False Accusations

A lawsuit or an accusation of malpractice can devastate your reputation as a healthcare provider. Our proactive, immunity-based strategies help inoculate you against false accusations and position you to thrive in the face of adversity.

Our Approach

  • Communication

    We are dedicated to conducting our service with transparency and stay in as much communication as you prefer about the things you care about most.

  • Discretion

    We operate on your behalf with complete discretion and confidentiality.

  • Attention

    We’ve crafted a white-glove service that ensures your needs are unobtrusively attended to around the clock.

Our Technology

Our proprietary software, Chorus, lets us quickly identify and act on new opportunities and threats to your digital footprint. Chorus delivers a thorough analysis of your digital presence, allowing us to track your search results, monitor changes over time, and craft the most effective approach to defending and building your online reputation.

Where We Operate

With high-profile clients from around the globe and unprecedented knowledge of search landscapes worldwide, we are the leading provider of international reputation management.

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