Online Reputation Management for CEOs and Other Top Executives

Common Reputation Issues That Concern CEOs

As a CEO, your reputation is directly linked to your company’s success. There are a number of common reputation-related issues that CEOs face that stand to threaten your company’s bottom line. Our white-glove reputation management service knows how to mitigate any digital threat, including the following:

Company/CEO Reviews

Online reviews are a pivotal part of any company’s online reputation and performance; this includes reviews of a company’s CEO. In the minds of most consumers, a company is only as reputable as its CEO and vice versa. If unprotected, your reputation can suffer from just one negative review.

Negative or Unfair Press

They say there’s no such thing as bad press, but we respectfully disagree. A negative news article or biased story can spread quickly and populate your search results if you don’t have defensive strategies in place that protect against the negative content.

Lawsuits & False Accusations

Even if unfounded or eventually thrown out, a lawsuit is often all online audiences remember seeing in the headlines. Our proactive, immunity-based strategies fend off these negative or false impressions and ensure that both you and your business continue to thrive in the face of adversity.

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We craft a customized online strategy based on your specific needs using the core elements of our white-glove CEO reputation management service.

Our Approach Protects Your Reputation and the Success of Your Business

Your career as a CEO is centered around your ability to lead and influence others, and the reputation you’ve built is crucial to maintaining that influence and the success of your business. Proactive and proprietary, our reputation management service amplifies and protects both your online image and the future growth of your business.

Your level of involvement in our process is up to your preference. After a thorough audit and understanding of your needs, we craft a customized online strategy based on the following core elements of our CEO reputation management service:

Digital Footprint Expansion

With an elite team and our premier software, Chorus, we develop and grow your online presence so your business can flourish, too.

On-Page Optimization

We ensure that your web properties are set up for success and that they tell the story you want told.

Counterstrike Tactics

Our team works to devalue negative content and naturally move it down the search results over time.

Our Approach

  • Communication

    We are dedicated to conducting our service with transparency and stay in as much communication as you prefer about the things you care about most.

  • Discretion

    We operate on your behalf with complete discretion and confidentiality.

  • Attention

    We’ve crafted a white-glove service that ensures your needs are unobtrusively attended to around the clock.

Our Technology

Our proprietary software, Chorus, lets us quickly identify and act on new opportunities and threats to your digital footprint. Chorus delivers a thorough analysis of your digital presence, allowing us to track your search results, monitor changes over time, and craft the most effective approach to defending and building your online reputation.

Where We Operate

With high-profile clients from around the globe and unprecedented knowledge of search landscapes worldwide, we are the leading provider of international reputation management.

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