Reputation Management for Individuals & Public Figures

We work discreetly with high-profile individuals to ensure unfavorable editorials or other content don’t ruin someone’s hard-earned reputation.

Protecting the Reputations of CEOs, Executives, Political Leaders, Doctors, Entertainers & Other High Profile Individuals

You’ve spent your entire lifetime and career building your public image. That kind of investment requires protection, especially in today’s digital age where negative coverage, online reviews, scandal, and libel proliferate. It’s our mission to give you back authorship of your story.

Who We Help


How We Help You Maintain Control of The Reputation You’ve Built

When it comes to our dynamic approach, how involved you want to be in the process is up to you. After we gain a thorough understanding of your objectives, we get to work building a nuanced online strategy based on the following core elements of our white-glove reputation management service for high profile individuals:

  • Real-Time Digital Footprint Improvement & Expansion

    Our team ensures your search results are up-to-date and factual, telling the story you want told.

  • Individualized Implementation of Chorus, Our Proprietary Software

    We tailor the use of our in-house engagement software to your needs with complete transparency.

  • Holistic Search Engine Optimization

    We audit your online landscape to make sure your websites and digital channels are optimized so our strategies are as successful as possible.

  • Sustainable Immunity & Longevity

    With us, your online reputation is not only protected, it’s made more immune to future crises and built to last a lifetime.

Problems We Address For High Profile Individuals

Unfavorable or Unfair Press

We don’t believe that one article or review should have the power to tarnish your reputation. We develop targeted strategies that directly impact the following common sources of negative content:

  • Reviews

    Online reviews often dominate your search results and are actively sought by people searching your name or company.

  • Community Forums

    Community forums are a major influence of online opinion and can spur negative conversations based on false information.

  • Press / News / Editorials / Blogs

    Even if found to be incorrect, a piece of damaging content can spread across the entire digital news landscape.

  • Image & Video Results

    Often overlooked or underestimated, image and video results are common sources of negative content.

False Accusations or Defamation Attempts

By publishing compelling content, building positive awareness and engagement about your true story, and optimizing your web properties, we build your immunity against malicious attempts to ruin your name.

Future Threats

No one can predict the future, but it’s probable that some unexpected event or article will threaten the name you’ve built for yourself. Because our proprietary approach intrinsically builds protective immunity, these unexpected events will be less likely to cause damage.

Our Approach

  • Communication

    We are dedicated to conducting our service with transparency and stay in as much communication as you prefer about the things you care about most.

  • Discretion

    We operate on your behalf with complete discretion and confidentiality.

  • Attention

    We’ve crafted a white-glove service that ensures your needs are unobtrusively attended to around the clock.

Our Technology

Our proprietary software, Chorus, lets us quickly identify and act on new opportunities and threats to your digital footprint. Chorus delivers a thorough analysis of your digital presence, allowing us to track your search results, monitor changes over time, and craft the most effective approach to defending and building your online reputation.

Where We Operate

With high-profile clients from around the globe and unprecedented knowledge of search landscapes worldwide, we are the leading provider of international reputation management.

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