What Is Brand Protection?

Brand Protection is a long-term strategy designed to fortify your branded search landscape against future unknown threats. Put simply, it is proactive reputation management for your company’s online identity.

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The 6 Biggest Threats to Brands

There are many potential pitfalls for a brand, but these six things top the list. Neutralizing these threats is essential to protecting your brand and your company’s reputation.

Negative Reviews

Today, everything can be reviewed online – products, professional services, even odd jobs outsourced through gig-economy apps. Unfortunately, negative reviews can drastically affect reputation and drive down revenue. They can also turn away potential talent, investors, and business partners. This is especially harmful when reviews are fake. Your best course of action is to remove bad Google reviews whenever possible. But sometimes sites like Ripoffreport.com won’t delete the review and you’ll need to take alternative action. Learn all about the ripoff report removal process here.

Loose Lips

Saying the wrong thing can get a brand into hot water, especially in today’s world of recording devices, screenshots, and instant global live-streaming. Examples include indiscreet remarks from an executive, a benign comment taken out of context, or even intentional mudslinging from a current or former employee.

Data Breaches

Companies have a duty and expectation to protect customer information, employee records, and other sensitive data. Preventing hacks and data breaches goes beyond securing networks and setting up access controls to making sure vendors and other business partners use shared data responsibly and securely. Loss of sensitive information can set off a viral news cycle and damage brand trust.

IP Infringement

Copyright, patent, and trademark infringement is pervasive, and it can take a lot of resources to monitor. When others copy, distribute, modify, or otherwise infringe on your IP without license, their bad business practices can reflect poorly on your brand, leaving you open to reputational, operational, and possibly legal risk.

Strategic Failures

Few things can negatively impact a company’s stock price, sales projections, and brand reputation like failing to meet a deadline or reach a financial goal. Setting realistic expectations and delivering on promises to clients, employees, investors, partners, and regulators is critical to prevent unfavorable press.

Brand Ambiguity

When your branded search landscape is cluttered with irrelevant content, your customers may be confused about what you do, or unable to find you online. This can lead to higher CAC when you have to buy your own branded advertisements, as well as customers moving on to your competitors. We can help you restructure your search profile to reflect your company.

The Unknown

Nobody can see the future, and it’s almost impossible to know what it might bring, no matter how well you plan for every contingency. Building a positive reputation online is the best way to protect against future crises.

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Reputation Protection Shields Brands from Attacks

The first rule of online reputation protection is recognizing that it requires a sustained effort to fortify your digital presence. Your brand wasn’t built in a day – but its reputation can be ruined in just a few minutes unless you take a deliberate, strategic approach to defending it.

Strike First: Crisis management starts before a situation develops. Share your brand’s narrative before someone else writes a less favorable one for you.

Flaunt Your Assets: Your website, social media accounts, and business profiles should reflect your brand’s values. They can also provide a buffer against negative search results.

Amplify Your Expertise: Establish your brand as an industry expert by publishing in-depth, well-written content that sparks discussion and demonstrates authority and credibility. Articles can be written on properties you own, as well as industry websites and blogs.

Diversify Search Results: Cultivating a variety of high-quality search engine results will make it hard for negative items to appear when problems arise. It isn’t enough to simply publish more content, however, you’ll need to diversify your search engine results with images, video, and editorial content from a wide variety of sources.

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Our team understands what it takes to recover from the worst crises imaginable, and we have the track record to prove it. It’s vital to include brand protection when narrowing down your top choices for online reputation management services. Being prepared makes recovery more effective.

Your reputation is valuable and should be entrusted to the industry leaders, not an inexperienced company with bargain pricing and shady tactics.

  • We have extensive experience managing online reputations for the largest companies in the world for over a decade.
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