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Whether you’re facing a crisis or want to protect yourself against future unknowns, the time for reputation management is now.

Our white-glove reputation management service has helped brands, organizations, public figures and private citizens solve a host of reputation management problems.

We can help you:

  • Recover from a crisis or protect yourself from future issues
  • Control the narrative surrounding your name or brand
  • Push negative articles away from the public eye
  • Fight back against malicious or defamatory attacks on your reputation
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    You’ve worked your entire life to build your reputation. We’ll help you keep it safe. Helps Top Exec Fight Viral Spread of False Report

    When a major news agency published a false report about an executive at a large company, stepped in to undo the damage.

    Composition of Top 10 Google Search Results Over Time

    Key Points

    • Challenge

      An executive at a multibillion dollar firm had suffered substantial damage to his reputation and business. The viral spread of a false report published by a major news agency was dominating Google search results for the client’s name.

    • Strategy

      Create opportunities for the client to tell his side of the story on equally reputable websites and media outlets. This provided Google with positive content that would better satisfy searchers researching the client, thus reshaping the search landscape without the damaging articles.

    • Result

      The top search results for the client's name were cleared of all negative content in the first twelve months and have remained that way. The success of our campaign led to a new agreement to help manage the reputation of our client’s company.

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    • Communication

      We are dedicated to conducting our service with transparency and stay in as much communication as you prefer about the things you care about most.

    • Discretion

      We operate on your behalf with complete discretion and confidentiality.

    • Attention

      We’ve crafted a white-glove service that ensures your needs are unobtrusively attended to around the clock.

    Our Technology

    Our proprietary software, Chorus, lets us quickly identify and act on new opportunities and threats to your digital footprint. Chorus delivers a thorough analysis of your digital presence, allowing us to track your search results, monitor changes over time, and craft the most effective approach to defending and building your online reputation.

    Where We Operate

    With high-profile clients from around the globe and unprecedented knowledge of search landscapes worldwide, we are the leading provider of international reputation management.

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