About reputationmanagement.com

Our Leadership

ReputationManagement.com is directed by the same leaders who’ve helped Terakeet become one of the world’s most accomplished Enterprise SEO companies.

Mac Cummings

Executive Chairman

Mac is the co-founder and CEO of Terakeet and serves as the Executive Chairman of ReputationManagement.com. Since 2001, he has built Terakeet into a 200-person firm with eight-figure annual revenues. Mac has provided technology and SEO support to candidates in the past three U.S. presidential elections and has worked with many Fortune 100 Global companies.

Patrick Danial

Chief Architect

Patrick is the co-founder and CIO of Terakeet and serves as the Chief Architect of ReputationManagement.com. He has been building digital solutions for more than two decades and is the creator of Terakeet’s Chorus system. He also directs development of the Perlu influencer networking platform and is the architect of the BeerBoard beverage management platform.

Joseph Torrillo

Vice President

Joseph is the Vice President of Branded Search of Terakeet, and he leads day-to-day operations of ReputationManagement.com as its Vice President. Joseph is the face of Terakeet to many clients because he spends more than half the year traveling to meet them and address their online reputation situations.

Rich Ezzo

Global Business Development

Rich is Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Terakeet and is the Director of Global Business Development at ReputationManagement.com. Rich has decades of experience working with the world’s largest brands and has offered, developed, and deployed enterprise-scale reputation management strategies for these global brands for many years.

Jonas Sickler

Marketing Director

Before becoming ReputationManagement.com’s Marketing Director, Jonas served as Marketing Director for Terakeet’s ConsumerSafety.org partner brand. He has overseen all digital marketing efforts — including brand development, on-page and off-page content development and SEO, social media, and analytics — for several major online brands.

Phil Singer

PR Partner

Phil is ReputationManagement’s PR Partner. He has been advising Fortune 500 companies and executives, national political candidates, and notable influencers, on reputation management for more than 20 years.

If you represent a large brand or the CEO of a large company, feel free to send our leadership a private email.