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Reputation Management for CEOs and Executives

Reputation management is essential for everyone, but CEOs and other C-level executives in particular should be concerned with developing a positive online reputation. CEOs are scrutinized online all the time, and it’s tough to maintain privacy, much less control the conversation about yourself. The days of keeping a low profile are all but gone. Today, individuals in high profile positions can expect to live a high profile life. This may be tough to hear, but it’s time to embrace it and proactively work to manage and protect your online reputation.

7 Things to Know About Snapchat Privacy in 2018

Snapchat, the social media app that boasts 158 million daily active users globally and earned $404 million in revenue in 2017, released a public filing through the SEC. on Feb 2, 2017, a big step toward an expected IPO in March at an estimated valuation of $25 billion or more. It appears that 2017 could […]

Why You Must Read the Facebook Terms of Service

“Terms of Service” have become the new fine print — online users, for the most part, see them as nothing more than a check box standing between them and whatever site or app they want to enjoy. However, in a society where sharing has become a reflexive way to spend most of life’s moments, the […]

Busting Online Reputation Myths

The benefits we’ve reaped from the web’s digital rolodex are obvious, particularly in the arena of accessible fact-checking and record-keeping. However, it comes with an ugly caveat: as the Internet’s influence in society grows, the business of digital extortion and defamation has grown into a profitable tool to embarrass, blackmail, and otherwise harass both public and private individuals on a global scale.

Safeguarding Your Reputation: How Posts of the Past Can Haunt Your Future

While the benefits are great, there are significant risks involved with being a social media user. A simple tweet can seriously damage a once perfect reputation. This concept is nothing new, as these stories quickly become cautionary tales of what not to do on social media for both brands and individuals. The information that exists […]

“Fake” Twitter Accounts: What You Need To Know Before Going Rogue

In the age of Twitter and social media trends, parody accounts — accounts that present satiric and humorous commentary on the official accounts they parrot — are fairly ubiquitous. Popular parody accounts include @Lord_Voldemort7, @notzuckerberg, and @Queen_UK. Their Twitter handles and a quick scan of their feeds make the point of these types of accounts […]