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Online Reputation Management Tips for the President-elect

President-elect Donald Trump has dominated news headlines over the last year, and not for his laudable reputation. Many are concerned his attention-grabbing rhetoric won’t diminish once he takes office. Accustomed to his role in the Trump Organization, Trump’s new position will be a major adjustment as his new job will be to serve the American people, not himself or his business. Moreover, his controversial, outspoken reputation leveraged for publicity will now have a major influence. If Trump wants to build and maintain stellar Presidential Approval Ratings, he will need to improve his reputation.  

Busting Online Reputation Myths

The benefits we’ve reaped from the web’s digital rolodex are obvious, particularly in the arena of accessible fact-checking and record-keeping. However, it comes with an ugly caveat: as the Internet’s influence in society grows, the business of digital extortion and defamation has grown into a profitable tool to embarrass, blackmail, and otherwise harass both public and private individuals on a global scale.