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It’s been another busy week for CEO Bill Fish. He’s discussed how merchants can get press even when journalists are overwhelmed with pitches, and he also discussed workplace issues including networking, job search, and the worst ways to handle stress at work.

How Ecommerce Merchants Can Get Press

Getting press is one of the best ways to improve your reputation online. It helps to build awareness of your brand and lends credibility. Good press is always something you should seek out, even if it comes from unusual sources. Bill spoke with Veeqo on how ecommerce merchants can get press and shared an interesting story about an unusual way to get press from ESPN:

My story is more on the comical side, and far from a success story. In 2005, we were approached by ESPN to see if we would send them an electric scooter for their morning show that ran on ESPN2. In exchange for doing this, they would mention our business, and hopefully it would amount to sales.

Using LinkedIn for Networking and Job Search

Another great way to build your reputation is with an excellent network. LinkedIn in particular is good not just for networking, but for job searches as well, as LinkedIn is used by almost all recruiters, and networking is a great way to find a job even before it’s posted — if it’s posted at all.

Patent Education asked experts for their tips on using LinkedIn for job search and making valuable connections. Bill weighed in and explained how you can use LinkedIn as an entry point for conversations:

We work with people every day who are looking to find new employment and LinkedIn is an excellent platform to do so. My tip is to be as active as possible within your area of expertise. Active does not mean trying to connect with everyone and their brother, it means joining relevant groups, commenting on articles, and doing what you can to make a name for yourself. List any content you may have written on your LinkedIn page. From there, it gives you an entry point for conversation. As an example, you can pen a piece about the effect of social media on the widget industry, and then reach out to a leader in that space to critique the said piece. While you have to make a real effort on LinkedIn to have it work for you, there is no question it can pay dividends and could get you in the door for that job you have always wanted.

Handling Stress at Work

Stress inevitably hits everyone at some point, and often, it’s at work. It can be frustrating to deal with stress at work, and losing your cool can even damage your reputation. But dealing with anxiety at work in an effective way can preserve your reputation for levelheadedness and help you feel better about getting things done.

Bill explained to Cyber Coders the importance of letting go of work for a period of time to recharge, even if it’s as brief as just a few minutes an hour:

Like staying at the office all night, spending an entire workday at your desk is simply not an effective way to deal with work-related anxiety. Bill Fish, Founder and President of explains this point beautifully. “The worst way you can handle stress and workload,” he says, “is to never leave your cube. I’ve seen it first hand where people will show up at the office and never get up to leave, eat lunch, let alone drink some water or even go to the bathroom. It’s as if they want to stay in their cocoon and avoid the outside world.” Some of the best developers I know are guilty of this very thing.

“Don’t get me wrong,” he continues, “work can be stressful and it’s important as it puts a roof over your head. But you need some balance even while at work. Read for leisure five minutes an hour. Whether it is about your favorite sports team, tv show, it doesn’t matter, your brain needs to clear. Drink plenty of water, and take a walk to eat your lunch each day. You will be much more productive if you give your brain some time to recharge.”

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