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photo by ( CEO Bill Fish has been in the news lately, sharing great advice for business, recruiting, and of course, reputation management. These are the latest features online:

Considering the Label of Small Business

How do business owners feel about the label of small business? Some don’t identify with it, while others think it’s just right. Business blogger Carol Roth asked many business owners, including Bill, to weigh in. For Bill, the term tends to be too broad and needs to be better defined.

I’ve always struggled with the ‘small business’ label on companies, as when do you lose that label? When we started our first business, we had a team of three and worked out of the spare bedroom of my house. Now, that is a small business. However, when we were acquired, we were over $12M in yearly revenue. Should we be in the same category as someone who sells cookies on the side? While it is trivial, society has yet to do a great job of defining what ‘small business’ means.

Important SEO Tactics for Every Business

Like it or not, search engine optimization (SEO) is essential for the life of most businesses. Creative Click Media asked 19 SEO professionals, including Bill, what businesses need to do about their SEO strategy this year. Bill encourages businesses to build an asset, developing quality content that will serve your business for years.

My #1 tip in 2015 is to ‘Build an Asset’. What I mean is make it a priority to build out quality content that will be part of your website for years. While we all love the instant gratification of handing our money over to Google for AdWords and seeing our listing up there, you should also plan for the future with quality relevant content that others will be interested in and get some traction with links and shares. In the long run it will greatly benefit your SEO efforts.

College Graduate Recruiting for Small Businesses

Employers large and small plan to hire new graduates this year, with intense competition. But for small businesses with fewer resources than large corporations, it can be tough to nab hot talent. But shares five ways small businesses can recruit new college graduates. Bill suggests emphasizing the flexibility and growth opportunities available with small businesses.

“You develop a much more rounded skill set at a small business than working for a giant corporation,” says Bill Fish, founder and president of Reputation Management. “You learn what everyone’s daily routine is, which helps you to grasp the intricacies of the business world in a much faster manner.”

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