At, we love to share advice for reputation management not just here on our blog, but with other great resources both online and off. CEO Bill Fish has been featured on a number of blogs and online publications sharing information on hiring, business, entrepreneurship, and more. These are the latest features for

Bridging the Gap Between Entrepreneur and Boss

Entrepreneurs often like to work alone and handle every detail themselves, but as companies grow, everyone needs a little help. asked entrepreneurs to share how they’ve made the transition from solo entrepreneur to boss. Bill recommended that bosses take on a coach and mentor role:

Bill Fish of noted that the gap was best bridged when an entrepreneur strives to be a coach and mentor rather than just the Boss.

“In a startup, you aren’t going to have perfectly defined roles. Rather, you have to bring everyone together, set the crew up for success in obtaining team goals. It is a fast moving environment, and you have to have trust in your team and prepare them with the skills they need not only for them to succeed on their own, but the business as a whole,” he explained.

Amazing Interview Stories

Interviews can be high stakes moments that can make job searchers shine or completely flop. highlights some of the best and worst stories from interviews. Bill highlights an ill advised question about drug testing:

It’s smart to ask questions during an interview—unless your questions are about drug testing. “My favorite was a guy in his late 20s and had a solid resume,” says Bill Fish, founder and president of Reputation Management, as he describes the worst interview he ever hosted. “He handled himself very well and answered questions with confidence and grace. But toward the end of the interview however, he asked this gem: ‘Do you guys conduct regular drug tests?'” Fish replied that they didn’t get have drug testing in place—to which the candidate responded with a exclamatory, “yes!” and a fist pump. “He then asked another perfectly normal question regarding personal time off,” recalls Fish. “It was as if he didn’t quite understand that asking a question like that wasn’t exactly in his best interest.”

Hilarious Recruiting Stories

Just like job interviews, recruiting is a field that is ripe with interesting stories. shares some of the best, including Bill’s story of a candidate who made a big impression — and really stuck around.

I was in Manhattan in 2007, and our parent company was bringing in a high-level candidate for a performance marketing position. I wasn’t the person performing the first interview, but I was going to get a chance to speak to the candidate. As he was being led in to the particular office in which the interview was taking place, I happened to be standing in the area with a coworker.

I was quickly introduced, and as the candidate was walking in, he didn’t realize that the there was a window next to the door the same shape as the door. I’m guessing he thought it was a big doorway, and he walked directly into the glass. It was so bad that he put a giant face print on the glass.

As you can imagine, the sweat came pouring out.

He ended up getting hired, and was a huge asset to the team. That said, we circled the face print on the glass so the cleaning staff wouldn’t wipe it off, and it lasted for a good six months.

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