in the news (photo by flickr user photos_dskley) in the news (photo by flickr user photos_dskley) CEO Bill Fish has been busy this week! He has been featured in a number of articles on reputation management, career, and business. He weighed in on social media mistakes that can hurt your job search, job hopping, his experience founding an SEO business, managing customer complaints, building your brand story, getting things done, hiring interns, qualities of great employees, and sales cliches that need to die.

Social Media Mistakes: Under-utilizing LinkedIn

On Slant, you can learn about the many ways you may be sabotaging your job search with social media. One big mistake according to Bill: not using LinkedIn to your full advantage.

“So many people just try to ‘connect’ with every possible person, but I would take a different strategy,” says Bill Fish of “Be as active as possible within your area of expertise. That could be joining relevant groups, commenting on articles, and doing what you can to make a name for yourself.”

The Era of Job Hopping reports that job tenure in the United States has been shrinking as younger workers job hop at increasing rates. The median number of years that workers have been with their company is 4.6, shorter in industries such as leisure and hospitality or among startups. Bill says that employee turnover is just a part of doing business, and that neither employees or businesses should expect unconditional loyalty:

“Every American worker needs to take a step back and look at the world of business from the vantage point of the CEO of a public company,” says Bill Fish, the founder and president of

“At the end of the day his or her singular task is to increase shareholder wealth. They will take just about any and all steps to achieve that goal, and if that means eliminating positions or terminating employees, the shareholders expect them to do just that.”

“You aren’t going to receive unconditional loyalty from your employer, thus you shouldn’t provide it to them,” concludes Fish. “While people shouldn’t be moving from position to position constantly, it is in your best interest to always be looking for the next stepping stone in your career. Not only will this diversify your skill set, but being cognoscente of your next employment move could help your wallet as well.”

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SEO Business Experience

Bill was profiled on Roceteer, where he detailed his journey as a founder of an SEO business. Bill explained why he decided to establish his own business, how he did it, and offered advice for others thinking of starting their own business.

Managing Customer Complaints Online

Customer complaints are just a fact of doing business. Great service or not, some day, you’ll have to deal with an unhappy customer. And if they take their complaints online, it’s likely that it will be in front of a public audience. How can you deal with it? Avalara asked experts how they recommend businesses manage online complaints, and Bill encouraged businesses to quickly acknowledge them, but take them offline as soon as possible to reach a resolution.

While you want to quickly acknowledge online complaints, Bill Fish, founder and president of, a company that works with businesses to manage online reviews, says: “When people leave a negative review online, they want to be heard, so acknowledging that you received the message is the first step. From there, it’s best to take the conversation to a one-on-one setting. There is nothing worse than looking at a company’s back-and-forth with an unhappy customer [online].”

Finish the conversation via a phone call or email, and if you reach a resolution, post that — or better, ask the customer to — online.

Ultimately, don’t view complaints as an attack on your business. Instead, see them as an opportunity to connect with customers, resolve issues, make ongoing improvements, and position yourself as a leader in customer service.

Building Your Brand Story

Branding is essential to differentiating your company and attracting customers. Kabbage asked marketing pros for the best tips for building your brand awareness, and Bill explained that the best place to start is with a great name.

Bill Fish, president of believes that a business’ name needs to accurately describe its products or services. “Unless you’re a Fortune 500 company, i.e. Apple, you aren’t going to be a household name,” says Bill. “So, the proper description of what you sell is key. This may be difficult these days with people who are squatting on many domain names, but it’s worth the investment to have a quality name, as well as a URL.

The Secrets of Staying Productive

Staying on top of your tasks day in and day out isn’t always easy, but somehow, business leaders get it done. Mailbird asked presidents, CEOs, and founders for their secrets of staying productive, and Bill encouraged others to not forget leisure time.

My one important rule that I try to stick by is to take five minutes of leisure every hour to clear my head. Whether this is walking around the block, hanging out at the water cooler, or reading for pleasure online, it helps me clear my brain and then focus on money making tasks. It’s difficult to be locked in for 8-10 hours a day, so even taking small breaks will greatly improve your productivity.

Hiring Interns

On 60 Second Startup Solutions highlighted expert tips for hiring and managing interns. Bill says it’s important to make sure that you’re paying it forward with an internship program that gives back to interns with a valuable experience.

What Makes a Truly Great Employee?

As an employee, you want to be the one that stands out as exceptional. Rising above the rest as an ideal employee is a great way to advance and grow in your career. But what exactly goes into becoming a truly great employee? asked managers and company leaders to share what they think makes employees stand out. Bill says he looks for employees that go above and beyond with an entrepreneurial spirit.

“There are plenty of people out there who will show up at 9, leave at 4:59 every day, do exactly what is asked of them and nothing more. What I always enjoyed are people who take the initiative to learn about the business as whole, give strategic thoughts, and do what it takes to get a task done regardless if it’s exactly in their job description. A person like that becomes a leader with the rest of the team. They also help to create a cohesive staff, and when everyone is working toward a common goal the morale in the office is much better.”

Sales Cliches That Need to Die

We’ve all heard sales cliches like “always be closing” that can oversimplify the art of sales. On Pipedrive, you can learn about this and other sales cliches that you should really let go of right away. Bill isn’t a fan of the phrase “low hanging fruit.”

“I personally can’t stand the phrase ‘low hanging fruit.’ The phrase is antiquated, and not to mention, farmers actually pick the fruit from the top of the tree first!”

The problem with this image is that it sets the expectation that some sales are just plain easy to get, but that’s not a very useful idea. Instead of searching for easy deals, it’s much better to pursue a strategy that involves key sales activities and repeatable processes tracked through your CRM.

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