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At, we like to share our expertise not just on our blog, but with others. Our CEO Bill Fish has been featured as an expert on several media outlets over the last few weeks, offering insight into issues ranging from Chipotle’s public relations crisis to what hiring managers think your resume should look like.

Chipotle vs. Volkswagen: Who Has the Bigger Public Relations Challenge?

As Chipotle and Volkswagen both suffer from serious public relations issues, it’s tough to say who has it worse. While Volkswagen is tangling with the U.S. Justice department for evading emissions tests, Chipotle’s public trust has been shaken over multiple outbreaks that have made customers sick.

On CyberAlert, experts explain who has it worse — and what they think about how both companies can recover (if they can at all). Bill pointed out that although Chipotle has challenges ahead, they’re taking steps to change their processing and they have his sympathy (and likely that of other customers). But Volkswagen is a different story, as they were malicious and evasive:

Chipotle’s main allure of serving local, fresh natural ingredients is also its major disadvantage, Bill Fish, founder and president of told CyberAlert. Eliminating pathogens is extremely difficult in non-centralized food production facilities. Chipotle has announced that it will now use centralized food processing facilities to reduce risk of safety issues that result from improper food processing, but the company will continue to use fresh, locally sourced foods. The company will also likely reduce the number of fresh-food suppliers to minimize risk.

Chipotle must double down on its marketing message and emphasize its fresh food while keeping it safe at the same time.

“I’m going to stay away from VW, as they were absolutely malicious with their emission tests, and the lying associated with them,” Fish said. “That said, in terms of Chipotle, I genuinely feel for them, as they are in a very difficult situation trying to win back their customers.”

Similar viewpoints emerged in the media. VW was portrayed as the perpetrator of a deliberate, unscrupulous and illegal act. Initially, the Chipotle crisis was seen more as an unfortunate occurrence. Repeated outbreaks, however, called into question Chipotle’s fundamental approach to sourcing and processing its food at the local level.

What You Really Need to Have on Your Resume

Want the inside scoop on what your resume should really look like? PopSugar has your guide. In their article, you’ll find out straight from hiring managers what they think your resume should look like. They say to ditch objective statements and “references available upon request,” but be sure to pay attention to design while making it simple and easy for a computer to read. Bill recommends leaving your GPA off unless you’ve just graduated:

Here’s one that might still be lingering on your résumé over a year out of school: your GPA. “Unless you graduated in May, nobody needs to see that you maintained a 3.087 grade point average in college,” says Bill Fish, President of Reputation Management. “Frankly it’s irrelevant and looks tacky.” If you had a 4.0, you can have a grace period of one extra year.

Online Job Search Mistakes

If you’re not getting anywhere in your online job search, you may be making some huge mistakes, like underestimating your competition, not following directions, or not using a network. Find out which online job search mistakes you should be avoiding, including ignoring your online reputation:

“For that reason, it’s of the utmost importance that people Google themselves to see what is out there about them online,” says Bill Fish, president of, which helps clients protect their online reputations. “It could be inappropriate photos, unflattering news articles or even controversial opinions, but things of that nature could hold you back from your dream job even if you are completely qualified.”

More Job Search Errors

But wait, there’s more: eCareer Planner has six more big mistakes to avoid during your job search. They include forgetting to proofread, following up too much, and applying for multiple positions at the same company. Bill reminds job searchers to pay attention to their online presence:

“People completely neglect to realize that there is far more information about you right at the fingertips of the person who will be making the decision as to whether or not you are a good candidate,” says Bill Fish, president of

Luckily, it’s easy to check up on how your online and IRL selves match up. “Simply Google yourself and see what is out there,” Fish says. “If there are any negative items, there are things you can do to protect yourself. The first move would be to remove any red-flag photos, reference to illegal activities, inconsistencies between what is on your resume and what is online. When that is completed, it is paramount to check your privacy settings on each platform.”

Sales Reps: How to Sell Your Boss on a Promotion

Sales reps are trained to sell, but some may find it difficult to sell the most important product of all: themselves. When it comes to asking for or winning a promotion, their sales skills fall short. Callinize offers expert tips for sales reps interested in taking their careers a step forward. Bill encourages sales reps seeking promotions to prove why they’re worthy of taking a step up by sharing data:

Bill Fish, president of, believes, “The best ammunition you can have when asking for a promotion is tangible data.” As a business owner and former sales manager, Fish says, “I don’t want to hear, ‘I’ve been here two years’, or ‘I feel like I’m a leader.’ It should be handled as a presentation of sorts. Lay out your case with sales numbers, or legitimate factual occurrences as to how you helped someone else on the team.” Using facts and figures, salespeople can easily sell their bosses on a promotion.

“Many people fail at seeking their promotion because they come in unprepared,” continues Fish. “You display your leadership, as well as your sales skills when you can give a compelling case supported with data as to why you deserve the promotion.”

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