This week, CIO did a great roundup of social media success stories. They highlighted some of the best and most successful social media ad campaigns from the likes of Coca-Cola and McDonald’s, and explained exactly what they did right.

Among the successful campaigns highlighted was Procter & Gamble’s Always brand of feminine hygiene products. Their #LikeAGirl campaign highlighted the strength of girls — and women. It started in June 2014 with the #LikeAGirl hashtag, and gained even more attention with a thoughtful commercial aired during the Super Bowl.

Our CEO, Bill Fish, weighed in on the significance of the Always commercial and campaign:

“The first time that TV commercial came on, or you saw the video in your Facebook feed, you sat silent and watched the piece with your full attention,” says Bill Fish, president, “There aren’t many campaigns any longer with that power.” recognizes the importance of social media on not just marketing and ad campaigns, but the development of a strong reputation. With #LikeAGirl, Always has grown deeper as a respected brand and shown the world just how much they value the women who use their products.

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