corporate blogging mistakes (photo by

corporate blogging mistakes (photo by

Cornerstone Content did a great post explaining some of the biggest mistakes companies make when they start a blog. The article offers great advice for companies just starting out with their blogs and highlights some of the most common pitfalls many companies make. Experts, including our very own CEO Bill Fish explain what you should avoid when starting your corporate blog with mistakes including failing to maintain blog content, posting on irrelevant topics, forgetting to have a focus, or even simply giving up.

Bill’s suggestion reminds corporate bloggers to avoid focusing content on advertising and promotion, and instead offering valuable, reputation building content that current and potential customers can really use.

In both of my roles, my team dealt with businesses who knew they had to create content with a blog, but didn’t have it as a major priority. The biggest mistake I saw companies make with their blog was…

They framed each post as an advertisement.

Let’s say you are offering 15% off this week, that’s great, but if every single one of your blog posts are about a promotion, that begins to make those promotions seem hollow. The goal should be to create content that is useful for the target audience of your product or services. If you are selling wine racks, research and put together a quality post about the new wines coming out of Napa this fall. Creating content that interests your current and potential customers will keep them coming back, and builds trust. That trust will amount to additional business down the road.

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