Reputation Management in the news (photo by

Reputation Management in the news (photo by[email protected]/)

It’s been a busy week at, and our CEO, Bill Fish, has been quoted in a number of articles. He discussed issues in the hiring process, blog goals, and even tools that we use here at

Spark Hire asked about creating a top of the line experience to wow job candidates and attract top talent. Bill encouraged hiring managers to give each candidate the attention they deserve:

Give your undivided attention to candidates to ensure a positive #interview experience — @billafish

In another career related roundup, Bill discussed phrases that HR managers don’t want to see on a resume. One of the worst? “References available upon request.” It’s a redundant statement: of course you’ll provide references if you’re asked!

The founder and president of Reputation Management, Bill Fish, also believes that this statement is just a waste of space on a resume. “I think every hiring manager is aware that if they ask you for a reference that you will provide them” asserts Fish.

On Rescue A CEO, Bill provided insight into why and how we maintain our blog here at, explaining our goals for content:

We utilize our blog with a couple of goals in mind. The first is to create compelling enough content to get people coming back to read. The second is to showcase our expertise on the topic of online reputation management. There are plenty of people out there who would like to learn how to manage their reputation on their own, and we provide the tools on the blog to make that happen. There are also people out there who may think they need to work with a professional, and we let those contacts come in organically.

As a small business, uses essential tools to get everything done. One of those tools is Slack, which helps us all stay in touch. Here’s what Bill had to say about it on Amsterdam Printing:

Bill Fish is the founder and president of He says, “We absolutely love to use Slack. It is such a great tool to keep in close contact with the entire staff as well as any outside consultants. It’s super easy to set up groups to keep the conversation only to the relevant parties. In 2015, with so many people working remote, Slack has been a lifesaver for us.”

Need more information about reputation management or related topics? Get in touch! We are always excited to provide expert insight.