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In this season of thanks, we’d like to highlight the online reputation management tools we’re most thankful for. For both brands and individuals, these tools make it easy to stay on top of your online reputation and find out what’s being said about you online. That means you can respond quickly to complaints, fix incorrect information, and be proactive with your online reputation, managing information before it becomes a problem. Stay on top of your online reputation with these services that we’re thankful to have in our online reputation management toolbox.

  • Google Alerts: Monitor the entire Web using Google Alerts. This tool will search everything from news to videos and blogs to deliver results on any search query as often as once daily. Enter your name, along with any variations, to get emails with new results that are associated with your name. Google Alerts is a great all-around tool for keeping tabs on what’s being said about you online — and what you’re publishing yourself!
  • KnowEm: Much more than a monitoring tool, KnowEm searches hundreds of social networks, domain names, and trademarks to find your name or brand online. With this tool, you’ll be able to check for availability, and secure your name before anyone else gets a chance. Using KnowEm is a great way to establish your personal or business brand online, covering all of your social media bases whether you intend to use them or not. They’re far safer in your hands than anyone else’s!
  • HootSuite: Use HootSuite to find out right away any time your name or brand is mentioned on social media. Using this tool is a great way to protect your name, as well as stay on top of conversations that you should be involved in. And with HootSuite’s all-ecompassing dashboard, you can check every social media site at once rather than logging in to individual platforms.
  • BrandYourself: The ideal tool for individuals concerned with online reputation management, BrandYourself offers a reputation assessment that allows you to see what people find when they Google your name. But not just that: it actually allows to to control what people find! Use BrandYourself to find out where you can improve your online reputation and establish better results for yourself.
  • Complaint Website Search: Go Fish Digital’s custom Google Search is a simple, must-have reputation management tool for any business. This tool performs a Google search on more than 40 different complaint web sites at once, alerting brands to negative feedback that exists online. It can even sniff out complaints that might not show up in regular Google search results, allowing you to dig deep and find all of the dirt. Identify common complaints that you can use to improve your service, and discover customers that you can reach out to for a better experience.
  • LinkedIn: Write your own reputation with LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network. Let visitors know your experience, accomplishments you’re most proud of, and the industry connections that you share. You can even ask for recommendations from colleagues on the site, offering powerful social proof for your positive reputation. This tool is great for proactive management of what business contacts, employers, and clients see about your reputation online.
  • TrueRep: Use TrueRep to protect your online reputation by taking control of what others learn about you online. Featuring an online reputation score that assesses where you stand on reputation management, TrueRep is a great place to get started. But it’s also a good resource for sharing information, submitting comments, records, and your online persona that will allow you to better influence reputational search results.
  • Me on the Web: Similar to Google Alerts, Google’s Me on the Web makes it easy to find out what people see when they search Google to find you. You can also manage web alerts to find out when they’re a new search result for your name, and take the opportunity to review your Google profile for the most appropriate information.

With the right tools for monitoring and management, protecting your online reputation can be easy. That’s why we’re thankful for these tools that allow you to monitor, influence, and respond to search results with ease. Simplify the massive task of online reputation management by choosing your favorites!