A little bit of Friday fun today! Well, fun for everyone except Burger King, who discovered earlier this week that their Twitter account had been hacked. The rapscallions behind the account breach went the obvious route and changed BK’s display name, background image, and info to highlight their biggest competitor, McDonalds:



The McDonalds love fest was up for a while before Twitter suspended Burger King’s account. Suspicious eyes jokingly turned to another competitor as the culprit, and the red-headed franchise was swift to respond:

Oh, Wendy's.

Oh, Wendy’s.

First of all, golf clap to Wendy’s for their cheeky response. Secondly, for crying out loud, keep track of your social media logins! And make sure you have a secure password — none of this “bkpassword’ nonsense. Mix in upper and lowercase, numbers, punctuation — try to have a complex password that’s not easy to guess. Change your password occasionally. Make sure you know who has access to the account. This is an extension of your brand, people! You don’t want anything embarrassing to happen to it.