There’s no end to the number of outlets where your business can be reviewed, discussed, and highlighted: blogs, social media, news media, individual websites, and more. With so many different sources of information, keeping up can become a full time job, especially in large organizations. That’s why we’re presenting some of the best brand monitoring tools for businesses in this post.

So many customers seek out online reviews today, and often, won’t buy unless they’ve checked out your business first online. How can you stay on top of your online reviews without going overboard? The answer is tools.

With tools that track mentions, offer analysis, advanced search tools, and resources for staying on top of replies and reviews, the task of monitoring your online reputation, and reviews especially, is made much easier. We’ve highlighted more than 30 excellent tools for monitoring your online reputation and reviews, many of them free or available for a nominal fee.

  1. Google Alerts: A classic online reputation management tool, Google Alerts is a free and simple solution for staying on top of what’s being said about your business online. Select keyword terms that you’d like to get alerts for, and you’ll find out every time there’s a new search engine result for your business and related terms.
  2. SocialMention: Another extremely simple tool for managing online sentiment, SocialMention offers real time social media search and analysis.
  3. Synacor: As a comprehensive blog search engine, Technorati is a useful tool for monitoring brand mentions in the blogosphere. Search for your posts to track influence and popularity, and search for your brand to see which blogs are discussing your company.
  4. ReviewPush: Rather than checking multiple sites individually for reviews, services like ReviewPush monitor sites and automatically offer alerts for business owners. You can respond, request new reviews, and generate monthly reports from the dashboard.
  5. Watch That Page: Is there a page that really matters to your reputation? For example, a complaint website, or a blog that has reviewed your product. Keep an eye on any updates posted to the page with this tool.
  6. ImageRaider: With ImageRaider’s image search, you can upload your logo, executive headshots, and other important brand images to find out where they’re being used online. This is a great way to discover conversations about your brand on blogs, social media, and more.
  7. Sprout Social: Sprout Social’s tool offers a single stream inbox that will help you make sure you don’t miss a single message from any customer. You can also use brand monitoring, analytics, and customer relationship management within the dashboard.
  8. Mention: Listen to what’s being said about your brand online and in the social web with this tool, plus quickly react to mentions and analyze your online presence.
  9. Yext: Using Yext’s free listings scan, you can find out what your profiles and reviews look like on a variety of local search and review sites. Subscribe to PowerListings on Yext, and you’ll also be able to centrally control them and use review monitoring.
  10. Spotter: Spotter covers reputation management conversations on social media, online media, and traditional media sources, so you can be sure that you’re on top of every mention your business receives. The platform offers alerts, analysis, even interpretations and recommendations for reputation management.
  11. Sendible: If you’d like to monitor your brand across multiple media channels at once, Sendible is a smart solution. It allows you to engage with your audience, grow your following, analyze effectiveness, and monitor and respond to brand mentions on the social web.
  12. Trackur: With Trackur, you can monitor social media conversations, including sentiment analysis and influencer scoring. This allows you to monitor and measure your brand simply and easily.
  13. Brandwatch: Use Brandwatch to analyze online conversations with analytics, meaningful insights, and social media monitoring. This is a great tool to pull data on anything that’s being said about your business online.
  14. Lithium Social Web: Manage your social media customer service with Lithium Social Web. This tool offers a unified social inbox, CRM integration, and a knowledge base with pre-defined response templates. You’ll be able to find important conversations quickly, with notifications and alerts, prioritization, conversation threading, and automation.
  15. Tracx: You can manage, monitor, and analyze all of your social activity using Tracx. The tool allows you to understand who your influencers are, see geographic hotspots of social activity, analyze conversations, and more.
  16. Complaint Website Search: Is anyone complaining about your business? Find out using this search engine that specializes in complaint websites. You’ll see what (if any) complaints you have on more than 40 different complaint websites.
  17. Hootsuite: Track your brand mentions, analyze social media traffic, and respond to online conversations all in one place using the Hootsuite tool for social media management.
  18. ReviewTrackers: Using ReviewTrackers, you’ll be able to stay on top of all of your online reviews in one place. ReviewTrackers pulls reviews from major sites including Foursquare, TripAdvisor, and Google+, and allows you to monitor them all in one spot. You’ll even get email notifications for new reviews, and tools for reporting and analysis.