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Mac Cummings

Executive Chairman

MacLaren “Mac” Cummings is one of the founders of ReputationManagement.com and serves as Executive Chairman. Mac is a graduate of Cornell University’s ILR school, which is known globally as one of the only elite programs of its kind. Mac launched his first company, a search engine, out of his dorm room at Cornell in 1999 when he was 19 years old.

Since that time, Mac has built numerous businesses, most notably Terakeet. Terakeet is a 200 person enterprise SEO company, generating tens of millions of dollars in revenue, serving fortune 1000 brands and their leadership. In 2007 Mac led Terakeet’s expansion into online reputation management. Terakeet’s reputation management technology practice grew quickly.

Mac is one of the few technology executives to have worked on the last 3 presidential contests (2008, 2012, 2016). Mac has successfully advised everyone from U.S. Presidents, United States Governors, Heads of State, and Global Fortune 100 CEOs. Terakeet’s SEO services technology has driven the growth of such brands as Coca-Cola, Baidu, Chobani, American Express, Dollar Shave Club, Uber, and Warby Parker.

Specific examples of Mac’s work in the reputation management space include:

  • Assisting a top Hedge Fund CEO wrongfully investigated for financial impropriety clear his reputation and get his fund back.
  • Working with a Fortune 100 CEO featured on television as a “worst CEO” to build an alternative content and press strategy that successfully drove a concrete change in his/her image
  • Working with a top US politician to fight against bloggers making false claims that were showing up at the top of Google results
  • Successfully ranking someone running for US president higher in the search results than their challenger for searches around their challenger’s own name
  • Working along side a crisis management firm to help a global brand to go from full crisis mode to restoration of reputation and brand image over a six year period
  • Assisting one of the largest Financial Firms in the US in the midst of a negative press cycle entirely restore a positive top ten on search engines within two years
  • Driving the strategy for one of the largest brands in the world to build up “insurance” against future attacks by increasing the domain authority of all owned properties.

Mac continues to be actively engaged in the day to day activities of the firm, but no longer takes on clients himself. Rather, in his role as Executive Chairman, he is responsible for providing the vision and leadership of this division of Terakeet. Mac resides in Skaneateles NY with his wife and two children.

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